>> About Svalson

Svalson produces and sell motorized sliding windows, vertical glass sections and height adjustable glazing. Today we have also certified sliding windows, bullet proof and fire proof. We also produce hight adjustable glazing for restaurants and houses in the brands Cit i Lä/Café au Lä.

No product is alike the other in colour, function and measures. Every sliding door or glass railing is adjusted according to the customers need.  

Svalson is a family run company in the second generation since the start in 1981 with 55 employees. Production facilities are located in Öjebyn (in Piteå) and in Luleå. We sell our products all over the world with a strong base in the Nordics and also in France.

“Svalson was first on the market with electrical sliding windows. We are still world leaders. It is not difficult to be first, but to lead the way you always have to be one step ahead of your competitors and always prepared to give a little more. We are.”

Maud Spencer, CEO Svalson AB