>> Sustainability

We work with long lasting development

  • Our products are long lasting
  • Sliding windows produced in the start of Svalson over 35 years ago are still used and working today.  
  • We can still provide spare parts or updates to all our products when needed.
  • We aim to always use the best known environmental technics and the best material in everything we produce.
  • Our goal is to minimize the environmental effect our business causes and achieve a constant improvement by, decreasing the use of energy, raw material and other resources.
  • To work with increased reuse and recycling of the rest products generated in our business and decrease the waste.
  • Reduce the risk of spreading bad chemicals in the air, ground and water.
  • A well function environmental system equivalent to the demands of ISO 14001 and other environmental laws.
  • A safe and healthy workplace where we educate and show enthusiasm towards our employees to reach a higher competence level within the environmental area.   
  • To make environmental demands on suppliers and contractors that do business with Svalson to achieve the smallest possible environmental effect.
  • Co-operation and communication with our business partners in our aim for a better environment.
  • To execute EIA in all technical-, product- and business development.