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Examples of versions

Sturdy, vertically sliding window with thermally insulated profiles. The sliding window has analuminium frame and can be equipped with insulating glass or up to 26 mm thick safety glass.

Thermo can be produced with two, three or more moving sections, so that the largest possible part of the opening can be put to use. Opening of the sliding window is either downward or upward (standard). In its standard version, the sliding window is satin anodized and is equipped with D4-15 double glazing. The frame can be finished by painting, powder coating or other forms of anodizing.

The sliding window is equipped with a safety latch which prevents the window from dropping in the event of an accident. Thermo can be delivered with either electrical or manual operation. With electrical operation, the sliding window is automatically locked in the closed position. Operated by control switch with hold to run buttons.

Examples of versions

Tvådelad lucka

With one sliding section

With two sliding sections

Tvådelad lucka

With three sliding sections

With two sliding sections opening downwards

Tvådelad lucka

Fixed aluminium sections below the window

Fixed glass



Customers choice*.


Customers choice*.
*Max / Min size (W x H) depends on performance (2-pane or 3-pane), the glass weight and the ratio between width and height.

Frame thickness

From 120 mm (2-pane)**.
From 160 mm (3-pane)**.
**The thickness of the frame depends on performance (2-pane or 3-pane), size and the glass weight.

Width of side posts

80 mm

Height of top profile

80 mm

Bottom profile

On request.
Note that drainage must be considered.

Width/Height of glass frames

35 mm


Electrically operated: Motor, transmission, anti-fall device and automatic locking are integrated within the frame.
Manually operated: Anti-fall device is integrated within the frame.


Electrically operated: Mechanical lock which automatically locks the window in closed position. Key lock is optional.
Manually operated: Key lock ASSA 13787 integrated into the bottom profile. If the window is manufactured without the bottom profile, the ASSA 13787 can not be used. Other solutions might be possible.

Power supply

230V AC transformer.
Option: Battery backup

Control system

S3 control system with soft start/stop and hold-to-run buttons as standard. Adjustable speed, one-touch buttons, alarm closing and various control switches are available as options.


D4-12 double glazing is standard. Other glass up to 26 mm thick is available as an option.


Satin anodized aluminium is standard. Other surface finishes available as an option include powder coating and stainless steel cladding.

Manufactured by

Svalson AB, Sweden.

CE marked

According to the Machine directive and EMC directive.

Design and material are subject to change without prior notice.

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